Blogging Interview for Face Painters of Texas

Blogs support small business for website traffic and conversions. We are a niche directory dedicated to small businesses that provide services a venue or entertainment in Texas at festivals, birthdays, and similar celebrations. Feature your party business today.


Texas Party People


Hello Amazing Face Painter:

Thank you for interest in participating in a free Vendor Interview for Texas Party People! YES, free, no strings attached! We will publish the interview on our blog with any pictures that you provide, for the sole purpose of promoting your small business. We will share across all the social media platforms and tag your business, and respectfully ask you to do the same. #TexasPartyPeople; @TexasPartyPeople


I will explain a bit about who we are and how we work….


WHO WE ARE:  We are a state-wide party planning directory featuring all types of party businesses and events that are Texas based.   Our Target Audience: Party Planning Parents and Event Planners. Private and Corporate clients.  How We Work: Our highly optimized directory is full of regular and featured listings for vendors trying to reach more customers. We are run by a Houston-based clown who knows the need for local targeting and niche advertising that is also affordable!


How Listings Support Small Business? Listings are part of a strategically proven method to improve ranking on Google and other popular search engines. Listings or citations from established directories, along with social media activity, reviews, and customer driven content lead to improved traffic and higher search engine. Entertainers should use niche directories to build their local presence, as part of a multi-faceted approach to digital marketing.

How Blogging and Other Content Support your Small Business: Strategic content marketing increases your brand’s visibility through awareness and recognition. Helpful blog articles resonate with your audience as they help solve a problem, creating consumer trust and loyalty. Professional, engaging and optimized content positions your business as an authority, or expert in your industry building consumer confidence and credibility.


 So, about the interview…


The interview questions are designed to help the reader get to know you personally, and to identify with you as a leader in your industry. Ideally the readers who discover your services will resonate with your style and want to reach out to discuss reserving you for their party.


While we target state-wide and focus strictly on Texans having events, we do want your article to rank in your area. We will optimize the interview and add meta-tags specifying your city, and the communities you service for the search engines. This is very important to both rural and urban party businesses.


Your answers will generally include key-words applicable to your niche, but you may want to be mindful of important search terms when reflecting on your answers, as this will also enable the search engines in finding your interview.


Our goal is to make the interview into a business highlight, and long enough that it counts! We want to reach a minimum of 750 words in discussing your business and the services you offer. Consider the kind of client you are personally targeting, and tailor answers to their needs. For example: if you wish to book more festivals and carnivals, focus on that goal within the framework of your responses.


If you don’t like some of the questions, or prefer not to answer them, please feel free to skip them. These open-ended questions will afford you ample opportunity to fill in the blanks so to speak, and cover anything that is important to your business. The flow of questions is in four parts; 1. What/Who/Where, 2.Discusing the business owner and personal story (which is super important as readers love to connect with the person they’re doing business with.) 3.Customer direct communication to create credibility, and solve customer problems 4.Traffic driving to your site and making a reservation with you.


Be mindful that our goal is to help you find new customers and that articles like this one support that by providing a voice of authority- they give you an advantage of credibility as an expert in your field, so toot your own horn and don’t be shy.


After you have answered the questions please email it to: with 6-8 images that reflect your business, either in logo or examples, or reflections of your services. Please add your business name to the images so that they’re identifiable and associate with your business. If you don’t already watermark your images with your logo, we will add your business name to them prior to publishing. All images will be credited to you as the artist/business owner.


Thank you for your time and effort and know that we are delighted to promote your business locally and wish your business great success. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.


Best Regards,



Susie Pummill


































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