We are a party vendor's digital advertising resource for Texas party businesses. Featuring entertainers, face painters, caterers, rentals, and all other party-related services in Texas.
Our dual-directories are the state's fastest growing, clown-owned, business directory dedicated to entertainers and party vendors.
Our Mission: provide real advertising solutions for small-businesses, keeping vendors in control, all while not spending a fortune!

Our state-wide directories are dedicated to providing affordable digital advertising, to party vendors.

Our expertise is in small- business marketing for the 21st century. Utilizing today’s digital marketing strategies and standards to grow your Texas-based party business.’Susie, aka Honey Dew, Founder


Our network’s genesis dates back to 2015, when our Texas based, clown–founder saw a need for dedicated advertising. We engineered the regional directory to specifically support family-style entertainers and party-type vendors, while offering affordable solutions to marketing.

Higher conversions

Our 3 Core Markets

Our directory supports planners of special events, including kidsparties and weddings.  Your business is featured in all of the categories that make sense for your growth objectives while concentrating on 3 core customer markets.

Children’s Events: Vendors that provide entertainment or rentals,  venues, catering etc, would be crucial to planners of children’s events. Birthdays, school carnivals, children’s festivals and so on. Many vendors fall in this segment, and possibly even specialize in kids parties!

Directory Based Advertising, that makes a difference

Your business is featured in all of the categories that make sense for your business; providing more windows to discovering your unique services.We will never penalize you, or charge you more to list in multiple categories.

Listings likely enhance traffic for your own site, and provide a needed digital footprint for newer businesses.  Feature all of your services, map and hours, if desired, and include customer ratings, videos and a full gallery of your services.

Dynamic features

We have designed our platform with your needs in mind. Easy to share links and blogs permit multi-shares on all platforms. Instantly create or edit profiles with special pricing or promotions, include events, and publish calendars when desired. You have total control over the content of your profile- and you are free to edit it with no additional cost. We keep vendors in the driver’s seat

Benefit from our customized analytics that fully evaluate success… customer reach, profile clicks, and page views

Our Demographics

Our dedicated advertising leads to users who are primarily  women, aged 20-45 to our site; and wedding planning couples

Ways to showcase your business

Vendor interviews

All vendors have the opportunity to submit a vendor interview that will be published on our site, shared on all social pages, and made available to you as a press-release. Free of charge.


Blogging allows you to become an expert in your field quickly. Blogging content boosts site rankings and consumer confidence.

Contests to Showcase talents

Our social media strategy includes vendor contests to win prizes and be site-showcased with ample share-ability

Our focus is on your business- check out our playlists on YouTube

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans are annual listings.



Basic Listing, Name and Ph# Only



Detailed Listing, URL and Social Follows

Limitless Categories

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Business Blogging

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